Great Pictures Are Your Biggest Instagram Asset

Let’s talk about Instagram and how you can start to market your business
and your website through this popular social media app. What makes
Instagram unique is the use of images. Instagram is all about pictures,
and they are your biggest asset when it comes to this particular social
media app.
Since it is all about the picture and little else, it is crucial that you make
the most of each image you post. Let’s briefly go over the main things
you need to pay attention to make sure this happens. It’s the right
pictures that will make or break your Instagram account. I can’t stress
enough how important it is that you get this right.
Use Quality Images
Start with a high-quality image. This can be a stock photo or something
you’ve taken yourself. Whenever possible, go with an original image. You
can take it with your favorite camera, edit as needed in Photoshop or the
like, and then save to your phone.
Another option is to opt for a smartphone with a good built in camera. In
either case, learn as much as you can about the camera settings, use
them to your advantage and pay close attention to the lighting. If putting
this much thought into taking pictures doesn’t sound like your cup of tea,
outsource it. Have someone else take a series of pictures for you that you
can then use to post to Instagram.

Tell A Story With Your Pictures
Just as important as image quality is the composition of the photo and
the story behind it. Let’s say you’re in the business of making and selling
you own handmade pottery. Images of your pieces that evoke a certain
feeling, or show a particular look will make up a big part of your
Instagram marketing strategy. Create simple still lives with your pottery
that show them off to their advantage. Place a handmade mug on a
kitchen towel, with an antique spoon resting beside it and an old window
frame in the background. Add some pretty wildflowers to a little vase and
let the sunlight hit it just right. You get the idea. You could also show the
evolution of a new piece of pottery, from concept sketch to blog of clay,
to the final product and each step in the process of making it.
With a physical product, the storytelling process is often fairly evident
once you get a feel for Instagram. With a digital product, a service, or
coaching, this can be a little harder. If you are a coach, show them what
the life they a striving for may look like. If you are selling digital
products, show them what they can do with the products, how they can
enjoy and benefit from what they are learning. If you sell a book or
course on dealing with toddler tantrums, use images of toddlers throwing
a tantrum or exasperated parents, along with images that show happy
and well-behaved little ones. If you are a personal trainer or help your
audience lose weight, show them what they can look like, or how
comfortable they’ll feel on the beach after getting in shape. If you’re
selling a book on smoothie making, share a new picture of a delicious
smoothie along with a recipe, or this particular smoothie can benefit
their health.
In short, get creative and use Instagram as another storytelling medium.
Get your target audience interested and curious, so they click through to
your profile and finally your website to learn more about what you do and
what you have to offer.

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